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The Challenge...

The Challenge...
Costly, legacy software systems now operate throughout the Federal Government to facilitate selected acquisition life-cycle activities – from solicitation development -- through evaluations and awards -- to contract administration. Government acquisition professionals need a more complete system with added functionalities -- particularly to support upfront planning and forecasting and backend contract closeout operations – all facilitated by an automated knowledge management framework that makes information exceedingly easy to locate and use.

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The Solution...Procurement 360

The Solution...Procurement360
Procurement360 is the next generation system that provides ALL this functionality while automatically pulling together acquisition related data lodged in different systems, files and emails. Procurement360 packages information for easy desktop viewing in familiar, Microsoft Office® desktop displays. The capability -- to provide quick and easy visibility into all aggregated acquisition data, on a Microsoft® based platform -- is a unique benefit of Procurement360.

An Automated Information Gathering & Acquisition Management Solution for Government Organizations
Procurement 360 provides acquisition organizations with a highly agile system that is easily re-configured to meet the ever evolving and unique needs of the user community, while also reducing the need for costly software upgrades.  Built upon and leveraging the Microsoft Dynamics® 365 platform, Procurement360 provides a single master source of all contract information and enhanced Outlook®-based access and visibility into all relevant procurement data for users across the organization.

Procurement360 enhances visibility by automating the collection and delivery of procurement specific information such as Excel spreadsheets, market assessments, previous RFPs, PowerPoint® presentations, Outlook® artifacts and other documents that relate to specific acquisition objectives. Everything associated with a particular procurement, including all relevant emails, calendar invites and stakeholder actions and approvals, can be tagged, searched and pulled together instantaneously into an electronic package that presents users with all the specific information they require -- at the point of need.

To increase efficiencies and optimize productivity, the acquisition life cycle involves data elements, communications, relationships and progress that must be tracked – along with a chronological record of the decisions and information acted upon. Management requires a fully integrated, real-time, 360 degree view of all acquisition workflow activities -- along with the capability to enforce required actions, especially when the workforce is dispersed in virtual workplace environments. Procurement360 enables better market research, increased competition and the ability to make better acquisition strategy decisions, which result in less sole sourcing and cost savings.

Procurement 360 tracks all acquisition life cycle communications and interactions -- and facilitates activities through automated workflow
messaging. Communications and tracked activities are visible in Outlook®, Internet Explorer® and SharePoint®, which present users with these familiar desktop environments. In addition, Procurement360 provides management with the real-time dashboard reporting and data analysis needed to quickly identify and resolve workflow bottlenecks.  Procurement360 also makes many arduous data entry and cataloging tasks much easier to complete and more accurate, thereby increasing employee productivity, performance and job satisfaction.   Procurement360 represents a next generation information gathering and knowledge management solution that allows Government managers to optimize operations across their acquisition organization.